Homoeopathic Remedies


I can individualise First 'A' Kits,  Abscess kits, Eye kits, Musculoskeletal kits, etc....tailored to you and your equines situation. Remedies (Rxs) can also be purchased in singular lots of one to whatever, in various sizes, drops or pills. This allows you to build up your kit according to your budget. There are also kits of 50 and 100 Rxs.


Bach Rescue Rx--  for any form of accident/trauma/shock; fear/panic; mental anxiety; tendency to pass out/unconsciousness; emotional stress; fright; poor traveling etc.

Arnica-- bruising; shock; accidents/mechanical injuries; fear of touch and being approached; over-exertion/sprains; mental traumatism or grief; high fever with hot head and cold body.

Aconite--sudden ailments, violent and painful; fear of death; restlessness, tossing, flushing and/or palpitation; acute inflammatory complaints; ailments from exposure to cold, dry wind or after shock or fear.

Belladonna--sudden and violent onset; throbbing and pulsating pains, dilated shining pupils; redness, burning and heat, violent mental Rxs-striking, biting, kicking; extreme sensitiveness to touch, jarring, light and and noise.

Bryonia--muscle or bone soreness/pain when worse for the slightest movement, better rest (no movement); better pressure (bandaging); worse heat, better cold, worse morning on rising; worse motion of affected part.

Rhus Tox--muscle or bone soreness/pain when sore and stiff at beginning of motion but improves with continued motion/warming up; wants to change position all the time-restless; worse cold, damp weather.

Ruta Grav--damage to periosteum, cartilage, muscles, or tendons/ligament; lameness after sprains, especially of the fetlocks/knees/hocks/stifles; pain on bending joints; recently bowed tendon.

Calc Fluor--ailments due to straining and overstretching; swellings and hard nodes in ligaments, periosteum, muscles and tendons (connective tissue): bony exostoses-such as bone splints or ringbone.

Symphytum--principle Rx for bone injuries; blows from blunt instruments; fractures; slow repair of broken bone, favours production of callus; inflammation of bone; sore shins. ALSO the No #1 Rx for blunt trauma injuries to the eyes with great pain in the eyeball.

Euphrasia-eye affections; conjunctivitis; abundant lachrymation (tearing), acrid with bland coryza; eyelids red, burning, swollen and itching; photophobia and winking; opacity of cornea; better for bathing (can also be used in low potency...3 drops in half a cup of tepid distilled or boiled tank water for bathing).

Colocynthis--first choice for colic; restless with the pain; wants to lie down; sudden, violent cramping pains-making the horse twist around to look at sides; acute digestive affections; neuralgic paroxysmal pains.

Colchicum--colic when more gaseous; disturbances of digestive tract; extreme disinclination to move; worse the slightest touch; sensitiveness and susceptibility to cold; tympanic distension of abdomen from flatulence.

Nux Vomica-- colic from ingestion of bad food/water, from over eating; blockage; strong urge with ineffectual passing of stools; irritable, depressed, prefers to be left alone

Phosphorus--hemorrhages, prolonged bleeding; a principle Rx for bleeding; also good for problems following anesthesia-so this is the first choice when there is bleeding after surgery.

Hamamelis-haemorrhages, mainly passive, blood fails to clot; haemorrhages after injuries; weakness out of proportion to the amount of blood lost, long lasting nosebleeds.

Millefolium-haemorrhage after injury OR over-exertion; the blood is bright red-more than in Hamamelis or Arnica; again useful after surgery when the patient hasn't rested and has over done it.

Apis-Mel: oedemateous swellings; serious effusions; stocked up legs; pitting oedema; puffy swelling under eyes; insect bites/stings; allergic reactions, hot to touch; sensitive to touch, no thirst.

Ledum--puncture wounds, especially those cold to touch (if hot may be Apis); insect stings; Tetanus with twitching of muscles near wound; can be used in conjunction with Hypericum as a tetanus preventative if used prophylactically.

Note: **(a single dose each of Ledum 200c and Hypericum 200c, 20 mins apart then repeated only when the horse may be in danger of tetanus...same dosage applies if for preventative measures of needle or vaccination reactions)**

Hypericum--injuries to nerves (the Arnica of the nerves); effects of injuries to head or spine; neuralgic pains; penetrating wounds; worse change of weather/cold air; removes bad effect of shock, fright or mesmerism.

Hepar Sulph--Major Rx for abscesses and painful inflammatory conditions such as hoof abscess and Strangles; patient may be irritable and aggressive; usually very chilly patients; intense pain; very sensitive to touch; suppuration of pussy discharges

**(low potencies promote suppuration whereas high potencies promote resolution...same applies for Silicea)

Silicea--another abscess Rx that has also a strong affinity for many tissues; bones, ligaments, cellular, cartilage, mucous membranes, skin; stubborn abscesses; suppuration usually not so pussy like Hepar-sulph but more whitish-gray; patients timid and yielding yet can be obstinate and fixed; chilly (not quite as much as Hep-s) and thirsty patients; often employed in the suppuration of splinters or other foreign bodies.

China-very useful for ailments after/from fluids-profuse, exhausting discharges, haemorrhages, suppurations, excessive urination, excessive lactation, diarrhoea, perspiration, vomiting, leads to weakness, anaemia and gastro-intestinal disturbances. The patient will have up and down periods-good days alternating with bad days.

Calendula--one of our best homoeopathic disinfectants; prevents pus, assists defective closure of surgical wounds; exhaustion from loss of blood and excessive pain; bed sores; stimulates healthy granulation; wonderful for any wounds that are not a puncture or too deep as it can heal the skin over the wound too quickly either trapping infection or foreign debris (Hypericum is a better choice for a deep punctured wound); excellent at relieving pain of wounds and lacerations and can be quite specific for healing torn muscles.

Echinacea-acute toxaemias with septic involvement of various tissues can be addressed by the action of this Rx; such as post-partum infections; infected bites or stings; boils or ulcers, blood poisoning, infected wounds, etc; when  the body has been worn down by infection and is weak, tired and depleted it is useful to stimulate the immune system; venom infection-snakebite.

Pyrogen---only for extremely septic states; foul, purulent discharges/secretions, high fever, sweat without relief, prostrated yet restless.

Carbo Veg-- an important reviving Rx for states of collapse where there is extreme weakness, blueness of gums and coldness of body surfaces due to poor circulation; flatulent colic because digestion is poor, low energy to digest food; air hunger (craves for fresh air): sluggish movement lacking muscular energy.

Please bear in mind that this script in no way replaces veterinary advice or treatment! Always call your veterinarian when serious events arise and use the above as a first aid measure ONLY. It may be that while the veterinarian is on their way that some of the above Rxs help a situation so dramatically that he/she is no longer required, or they may just slow the process down till the veterinarian arrives.

Of course, as these Rxs are not tailored to each individual case there will be instances where they are not the correct match and some other Rx may have been needed...probably the one you don't have. Should a veterinarian have made a diagnosis and you, the client, desire to follow a holistic path then I would suggest you seek the professional services of a qualified classical homoeopath or some other holistic health practitioner!